Lava Barre

Class Overview: Our Signature LavaBarre Class

As promised, today begins our class overviews! You’ll learn just what kind of fitness perks you can expect from each of our 4 classes – starting with our signature LavaBarre class!

Barre is a true workhorse in terms of health and fitness: it improves strength, endurance, posture, coordination, flexibility, and balance. It also protects you from injury by building incredible core strength and limiting wear and tear on your joints, tendons, ligaments, and spine. Moreover, absolutely anyone – regardless of fitness level – can take a barre class. What’s not to love?

So how can barre be so awesome? Barre uses isometric movements (which basically means the muscle remains tense but don’t change length) performed quickly with very short breaks. It targets the slow twitch muscles – often overlooked in more traditional strength training regimens – to build your endurance. The exercises also work multiple big muscle groups at once, sculpting muscles, boosting your heart rate, and resulting in a super efficient workout. Working these big muscle groups also contributes to weight loss, since larger muscles burn more calories.

But the amazing stuff doesn’t end there! Barre involves focused stretching, which increases flexibility, and extensive core work, which results in improved posture – two fantastic benefits for those of us who sit at desks for much of the day!

The best part? It’s difficult to plateau. You can always go a bit deeper and make the movements more precise, ensuring a seriously challenging full-body workout! See you in class!

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