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Stephanie Stohler

Master VCycle Trainer

Stephanie Stohler has been a fitness professional in the DC area for over eight years, specializing in indoor cycling. She has held multiple cycling certifications from the most recognized training companies in the nation including Schwinn, Mad Dogg Athletics, and AFAA, in addition to attending dozens of continuing education workshops and group exercise conferences.

Originally from northern Massachusetts, Stephanie moved to the DC area in 2006 to pursue her dream of doing public relations for theatrical events; theater has been a passion of hers since childhood. It wasn't long until she discovered the joy of teaching indoor cycling and immediately became hooked! She loves sharing this love of cycling with other riders. Her classes are known throughout the area as intensely motivating, full of energy, results-driven, and pure fun! Her infectious energy and positive attitude put riders at all levels at ease. Her classes are perfectly geared towards students at all levels and stages of life to best achieve and exceed their personal goals.

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Fun fact someone might not know about you?
I'm obsessed with theater...musicals, plays, you name it, I've probably seen it, read the script, or have listened to the cast recording!

Guilty pleasure food?
Cookies. Oh, cookies. I've been called a "cookie monster" by more than one person! Butter cookies are my favorite, but I'm really not that picky :)

#1 tip for a healthy LavaLife (apart from exercise)!
Hydrate! Most of us don't drink enough water during the day and during/after our workouts. It's so important stay hydrated consistently.