Lava Barre

Sarah Zoeller

VYoga Trainer

I am an ACE certified personal trainer and YogaFit trained yoga instructor. I blend my training and yoga knowledge to create a class that focuses on safely stretching and strengthening the body, as well as finding ways to release tension and stress. 

After teaching high school French and Spanish for 12 years, I left my job to start a family. After the first child was born, I needed to do something for myself, and became passionate about exercise. After the second child, I decided I wanted to share the joy that exercise brought me with others, so I decided to become a personal trainer and yoga teacher.  I became a health care professional in early 2011, and have enjoyed teaching and helping people of all ages live  healthier and more active lifestyles since then.

Fun fact someone might not know about you?
I spent my junior year of high school in Finland as an exchange student. (Without having studied Finnish before going!)

Favorite artist?
Paul Cezanne

Go-to snack after a hard workout?
I crave protein so a little cheese and turkey makes me feel good!

Guilty pleasure food?
Pad thai

Most favorite place in the entire world?
So many amazing, wonderful places in the world- but the best place is wherever I am with my family.

Favorite body part to work out?