Lava Barre

Lava Barre
Rules and Etiquette

Getting Started

We require your payment, registration, and signed waiver in advance of your first LavaBarre class. When joining us for your first visit, please allow 10-15 minutes to complete our registration process and to meet your instructor. For safety reasons, new clients are not allowed to join class after it has begun.

We supply mats for both yoga and barre and all studio equipment necessary to take classes. We do not supply cycle shoes for cycle classes and recommend bringing your own (with SPD or Look Delta clips) or wearing athletic shoes.



If you arrive more than 5 minutes late, you will not be permitted into the room and your spot may be given to a client on the wait-list.

Please leave bags, cell phones and other belongings in our keyless lock lockers which can be found in the women's locker room and the long hallway.  If you are expecting an extremely urgent call, let us know. We will hold your cell phone at the desk and alert you to your incoming call.


Early Cancel: Please cancel yourself out of class 12 hours before for early morning classes (6:00am-7:30am). For all other classes, please cancel 6 or more hours before the scheduled start time (example: 12:00pm or earlier for a class scheduled to begin at 6:00pm) in order to avoid penalty.

Late Cancel/No Show: You will be charged if you cancel yourself from class less than 6 hours before the scheduled start time or less than 12 hours for early morning classes or if you do not show for a class for which you have reserved a place. If you are using a class package, you will automatically lose a class from your package. Clients using a Monthly Unlimited Membership you will be charged a $20 Late Cancellation/No Show Fee which will be automatically charged to the stored credit card on your Mindbody account.  If you do not have a card on file, your account will be debited $20 and you will be sent an invoice if it is not reconciled after thirty days.

If you know you won't be able to make it to class, please cancel yourself from the schedule in advance to avoid being charged. If you do not have internet access, give us a call (703) 522-2000 and we'll be happy to help.


Our waitlist system is automatic. You will be moved into class and notified by email when you are on a wailist and a space becoms available.  YOU WILL BE CHARGED if you do not cancel yourself out of a class that you get into off of the waitlist. By placing yourself on a waitlist, you assume responsibility for any space that you acquire. Please be sure to check your email regularly  throughout the day when you are wait-listed to see if you have been moved into class. We are not able to refund the class if you do not cancel before 8:00pm for early morning class (5:00am-7:00am) or before the 6 hour window for all other classes.

If a spot opens up and you are next on the waitlist, we will move you into the class and we will contact you to confirm you will be attending. You will not be charged if you are not able to make it but if you can, please let us know that you will not attend so that we can give that spot to the next person on the waitlist.

If a spot opens up and it is within 1.5 hours before the start of class, we will not move you into class unless we can get in touch with you to confirm.