Lava Barre

Nicole Bradstreet

VBarre Trainer

Nicole has always been an avid gym goer and athlete and first tried barre in 2012 at LavaBarre's original studio in Clarendon after she got bored with other workouts, and instantly loved it. Having attended many fitness classes in the past and thinking that one day she might like to try teaching, Nicole saw becoming a barre instructor as a personal challenge and an opportunity to go outside her comfort zone while perfecting technique and become an integral part of a fitness community. Outside of the barre studio, Nicole works in the global health field and regularly volunteers with the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Engineers Without Borders. She is originally from New Hampshire and has been living in Arlington since 2008.

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#1 tip for a healthy LavaLife
Try to keep all things in moderation; make working out a routine and something that you look forward to starting or ending the day with.

Most favorite place in the entire world?
Probably my favorite international destination to visit has been Brazil, but if I am looking to relax and disconnect I would say home in New Hampshire or Northern Michigan.

Favorite body part to work out?

Reality TV, specifically almost any show on Bravo!