Lava Barre

Mary Squire

VCycle Trainer

Mary Squire is one of the newest additions to the Lava Cycle Team.  Participating in cycling classes for years, Mary is an avid fan of trying out new ways to get in shape and stay healthy with friends.  She regularly participates in charity spin events, and races in the DC area including most recently the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and Army Ten Miler.  When she’s not in the Lava studio, Mary is running and biking trails around DC, spending time at the beach, or cooking healthy meals with friends.

In Mary’s cycle classes you are likely to hear a remix or two featuring Missy Elliot or Gwen Stefani, who are by far her favorite artist for getting the Lava party started!  After her 6 am class, her go to fast breakfast is a Cookie Dough flavored Quest Bar.  Given she’s from the beaches of North Carolina (her favorite place right after Lava Barre!) her go to favorite cuisine of choice is anything seafood or BBQ.  Mary’s favorite body part to work out are arms and looks for new ways to incorporate day to day activities into arm routines (carrying groceries, push-ups in the park etc).  Her tip for maintaining a healthy life is to cook your own meals as often as you can.  It’s not only good to know exactly what you’re putting into your body but also a great way to relax and get creative in the kitchen! One piece of LavaMotivation that she gives to cycle students is to bring a friend to class; it’s always fun to work out with a buddy and they will make sure you keep to your daily workout!

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Favorite body part to work out? 
Arms- love switching up arm routines and finding new ways to work them out doing regular daily activities (carrying groceries, push-ups in the park etc)

Favorite artist?
Missy Elliot and Gwen Stafani will always be my gals

Guilty pleasure food? 
Anything seafood or BBQ