Lava Barre

Madeline dolente

Master VCycle | VTRX Trainer

Madeline is the creator of Lava Cycle and has been teaching cycle for more than 15 years. She has 69 certifications, is an Ambassador for Reebok and South Block. She has run 22 marathons and has been seen on TV recently running Spartan races. She has been featured on CNN, NBC, ABC, and in videos and books.

She recently moved to Arlington and absolutely loves this fitness community. She believes evolving is the key to keeping passionate and achieving your goals.  She constantly challenges herself so she can always give to others and she looks to inspire others to be their best. She loves the team and customers at Lava Barre and it has become her second home.

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Fun fact someone might not know:
I'm always up for an adventure.

Go-to snack after a hard workout
Green drink at South Block

#1 tip for LavaLife
Treat your body like its a Lamborghini and fuel it with nutrients and do something active every day. It will keep you looking and feeling good as you get older.