Lava Barre



Lori grew up on the sandy beaches of New Jersey and moved to DC in 2009. A long-time lover of a fit and healthy lifestyle and former collegiate athlete, Lori is always open to trying a new activity to challenge her body.  Addicted to the high intensity workouts and motivated by great music, Lori’s classes are fun and will push you to the next level. Whether you're brand new to TRX or an avid follower, her classes will give you the calorie burning and muscle toning workout you're looking for. 

When not at the studio, Lori spends her free time traveling, scoping out the latest offerings of the DC restaurant and bar scene, and occasionally partaking in an embarrassing addiction to Fixer Upper.
#1 tip for a healthy LavaLife
I've climbed Mt Kilimanjaro (that's 19,341 ft!)

Favorite Artist?
I like to mix it up. My personal playlists are really varied (and somewhat embarrassing!)

Go-to snack after a hard workout?
I tend to lose my appetite immediately after a workout, so smoothies are an easy recovery snack for me. Unless I've just finished up a long run, in which case I eat all.the.things 

Mac n' Cheese. Why does it have to taste so good?

Most favorite body part to work out?
The booty, duh. Any girl who says otherwise is lying :)

Most favorite place in the world?
I grew up at the beach and it's always been a special place for me

#1 trip for a healthy LavaLife?
Fuel yourself with natural foods

(a piece of advice for someone new to the studio i.e. stick with it, try it at least twice, etc). Don't be afraid to try something new. It may be intimidating or uncomfortable at first, but you never know what you're missing if you don't give it a shot!