Lava Barre

Method and Benefits

The LavaExperience and You

LavaBarre clients choose from four fitness disciplines to tailor their own perfect cross-training experience. Our trainers are available to help clients custom tailor their visits in order to meet and surpass their goals. Simply put, LavaBarre has everything our clients need to keep them on track and digging deep!

Our classes are low-impact, core-centric and focus on using our own body weight as much as possible. Each of our four classes fit so well together that we not only recommend them to everyone but we suggest taking them back to back. We have even created hybrid classes to take guess work out of it and make sure you get the  most out of the cross-training experience at LavaBarre. 

We are community driven. We meet and make lasting friendships in the LavaLounge. We run together as a club on Thursday mornings at 6:00am (everyone is welcome so come join us!). We train for spartan races here at LavaBarre and through partnerships with the studio. 

No matter what your fitness goals are you are sure to find something here at LavaBarre to meet your fitness needs and have fun!