Lava Barre

Kelsey Seitz

VCycle Trainer

From a small town in Wisconsin, she comes off as "Midwest nice" but brings a fierceness to the studio. Kelsey comes to LavaCycle with a background in fitness, from her degree in Exercise Physiology to her Spinning and AFAA certifications. Most importantly, she has a passion for finding and bringing out the best in people through physical activity.

As a full-time employee of a healthcare research and consulting firm, she knows the demands of having a 9-5 job and she pushes her participants to let everything go during her class and leave nothing but work, stress and sweat on the bike. Her fun playlists, from old school to today's best hits, will make you zone out of your daily tasks and keep you partying from start to finish.

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Fun fact someone might not know about you? 
I've trained Olympians. While studying at the University of Minnesota, I was an Athletic Medicine intern for the Women's Hockey Team. Two players that I regularly worked with were named to the 2014 National Team and competed in Sochi.

Favorite artist? 
I'm down for some country, 90's pop, classic rock... dependent on my mood, but one of my go to artists for fast paced and fun cycle classes is Calvin Harris.

Guilty pleasure food? 
Anything with cheese in it or on it. It's the Wisconsin in me.