Lava Barre

Emily Barbero

VBarre Trainer

I grew up as an army brat moving every two years and living all over the place. After college I finally settled in DC, where I work for the government, and it is the first time have not moved after two yrs. I live in Clarendon with my scruffy little mutt London (who always has seasonally appropriate collars).

Even though I moved every two yrs, the one constant I always had was horseback riding, I grew up competitively riding in the hunter and jumper circuit even past college. I hadn’t really felt as passionate with any other physical activity until I found barre. It gives me an opportunity to leave everything at the door and just focus on what my body is doing while challenging myself to get higher on my toes or sink my seat one inch lower.

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Fun fact someone might not know about you?
If you haven’t been to my class before, I always wear interesting (if not crazy) pants.

Go-to snack after a hard workout?
It varies but something with Protein. I eat a lot of egg whites.

Most favorite place in the entire world?
You can probably tell from my dog's name - London