Lava Barre



Christina found cycle in college and realized it was the perfect combination of two of her passions – fitness and music. She left her hometown of Arlington for college in the Dirty Jerse, where she put her classical music training to good use on the turn tables and DJ’ed for most of her college years.

After moving back to DC to begin a full-time career in investment research, she stumbled upon LavaBarre at the suggestion of a friend and has been teaching there since 2016. Expect to hear great jams with deep beats that will keep you in the moment, out of your own head and pushing your own limits. Christina believes working out is the time to treat yourself and challenge your limits, and plans every class to make sure you have fun while doing it. Expect to hear remixes of tunes you know, featured songs from performers coming to DC, or even her own mixes on occasion.

#1 tip for a healthy LavaLife
Everything in moderation!

Most favorite place in the entire world?
Jackson Hole, WY

Favorite body part to work out?

Pizza and bagels