This year we're taking on the biggest challenge we ever have and we want you to join us! Let's #LiveLavaFit together. For 90 days, we'll sweat, ride, plie and squat with maximum effort and friendly competition from the Lava Community! We'll hold eachother accountable and create a committment to a lifestyle of healthful choices and hard-core workouts!

The Deal:

3 month unlimited package at $99 per month 
Current monthly unlimited clients may receive 1 month towards the challenge at $99!

The Catch:

After the initial 3 month period, you are automatically enrolled into a month to month membership for $215 per month! There is no contract or cancellation fee but we do require a commitment of the initial 4 months and a 30 day notice to cancel.

The Challenge:

Get your name up on our leaderboard. Take as many classes as you possibly can in 90 days. For every 10 classes you take, we will give you
1 entry into our raffle. 

Third Prize - 10 CLASS PACKAGE

Ready to #LiveLavaFit?

Create an account for yourself at www.lavabarre.com. Then email us at challenge@lavabarre.com and check in at the front desk on to be sure to get set up with your leaderboard name!

The LavaBarre Team


When does the challenge begin?
The challenge is from January 17th through April 17th. You must purchase the 90 day membership between Wednesday, January 11th and Tuesday, January 17th.  After January 17th, you may NOT purchase the discounted membership, nor may unlimited members partake in the $99 one month special, however, everyone may participate in the raffle through April 17th!

What if I am travelling during my three month membership between January 17th and April 17th?
This membership may not be placed on hold or cancelled prior to the first three months of the start date.

How will I be notified if I win the raffle?
There will be a live drawing on April 18th and you will be notified by phone and email

Can I buy this online?

You may only purchase this deal by emailing info@lavabarre.com