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One-ingredient Magic Ice Cream (plus variations)!

Guys, its good-for-you ice cream! Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, no sugar added! Seriously - you simply put frozen bananas into your food processor or Vitamix and out comes ice cream. Many of us have heard of this before and just never tried making it, or we're totally blowing your mind right now and you don't quite believe its possible. Either way, lets all make this delicious and HEALTHY dessert this week. Run now and put your chopped over-ripe bananas into the freezer! Read More

Acorn Squash Tempura Tacos

LavaBarre loves Tacos :) Thank goodness a District Taco is popping up right across the street from us! But lets keep keep it healthy, kids. These Acorn Squash Tacos are ridiculously good with less guilt. So go ahead, 'Fall' for this squash recipe... Read More

Rainforest Acai Breakfast Jars

For breakfast, its got to be easy to grab and go - especially before a 5:45am cycle to TRX class! Frozen, creamy, colorful goodness awaits you in your freezer when you make these ahead of time. Read More

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