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Class Overview: Cycling

This is it LavaCorp: the last post outlining all the benefits of LavaBarre training!  We’ve already covered barre, yoga, and TRX, and now we’ll give you a quick overview of what logging some hours in our cycling studio can do for you.

We know many of you participate in our run club, and we love it. But cycling offers something that running can’t: high intensity, low impact.  Much like running, spinning gets your legs moving and your heart going but saves your joints from taking a beating – making it worthy of a spot in your exercise rotation!

Another awesome benefit of spinning’s heart-revving qualities? A slimmer waistline.  Our instructors will make sure you’re making every moment of your time with us, and since you’ll be using some of your largest and strongest muscles while on the bike, you’ll burn some major calories over the course of an hour!

Speaking of using those large muscles – cycling also will help you sculpt some killer legs.  And while the superficial qualities of stunning legs can’t be ignored, building some serious leg strength will help you power through our other awesome classes.

Now, all these fitness benefits are awesome and great motivators to get your butt to a spin class.  But did you know that studies reveal that cycling is associated with improved mental health and more life years?  We know – it’s awesome.  Let’s go for a ride!


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