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Class Overview: TRX

Hi LavaCorps!

Here’s the third installment of LavaBarre benefits – the many perks of TRX! TRX is one of our new offerings, and you’ll soon see why we added it to our repertoire.

As with all of our classes, TRX is great for all levels.  You are fully in charge of the difficulty of the exercises. As you become stronger, all you have to do is change the placement of your body in relation to the anchor point to increase resistance and intensity.

Better yet? You have to stabilize yourself the whole time – which means your core is challenged throughout the class.  Hello rock-hard abs!

Another advantage of all that stabilization? Joint stability and muscle balance – you’re working lots of muscles in a wide range of motion, growing your muscles more evenly and reducing that chance that you overtrain certain muscles.

Lastly, TRX offers some distinct advantages over more traditional strength workouts (think weight machines or free weights).  TRX lets you work your muscles at all sorts of angles, making it a more functional workout, and many of the exercises engage your whole body, maximizing your workout time.  Moreover, not having to constantly stop and adjust weights allows you to move seamlessly through exercises, ultimately keeping your heart rate up.

The Navy SEAL that invented this nifty equipment deserves a huge round of applause! Can’t wait to get our sweat on with you!


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