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The Benefits of LavaTraining

Dear LavaCorps,
We hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend! While DC weather seems to have missed the memo, the rest of us know that Labor Day means one thing: the end of summer and the beginning of fall. And what better way to mark the change than (re)introducing another part of the LavaBarre experience? That's right - our blog is back! While we absolutely love seeing you tuck, sculpt, stretch, and spin your way to your fitter you, we also want to provide you with wellness tips and tricks for outside the studio to complement all of your hard work. Excited? Us too.

Amazingly, we've already made sure that one of our tips is hard at work for you: cross-training. As you all know, LavaBarre expanded its class offerings beyond our signature barre class to include yoga, TRX, and spinning. Anyone who's pulsed and lifted their way through our barre class knows that it's a full-body workout that doesn't allow for plateaus. But cross-training provides a wealth of benefits, both physically and mentally, and we felt that it was important to create a single place where you could tap into all of them!

Cross-training's physical benefits are generally well-known. Asking your muscles to do different activities will help you achieve better overall fitness, keep your body guessing and allow you to push yourself even further. Using your body in different ways (strength, cardio, and stretching) will help avoid overuse injuries. And even if you do get injured, different forms of exercise can help keep your body in shape while you recover.

But did you know that there are a number of psychological benefits? Perhaps the most important one is avoiding boredom: there is nothing worse than dreading an activity you used to look forward to all day! Cross-training helps ensure you're excited for every class you attend. Moreover, maintaining a fit lifestyle requires a lot of self-motivation and varied workouts go a long way in keeping you mentally engaged and looking forward to your workouts. Lastly, you might find a new fitness activity that you love!

In the next few posts we'll outline the benefits of each of our individual classes, so you know just how much you're doing for your physical and mental wellness!

"If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up."


The LavaBarre Team


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