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Class Overview: Cycling

This is it LavaCorp: the last post outlining all the benefits of LavaBarre training! We’ve already covered barre, yoga, and TRX, and now we’ll give you a quick overview of what logging some hours in our cycling studio can do for you. Read More

Holiday Morning Breakfast Idea

Ooooh baby it's cold outside! And we're all in need of some healthy but cozy breakfast recipes for the holiday weekends. This quiche fits the bill with its potato crust instead of a typical pie crust! Try changing it up with different veggies and cheeses, enjoy! Read More

Class Overview: TRX

Here’s the third installment of LavaBarre benefits – the many perks of TRX! TRX is one of our new offerings, and you’ll soon see why we added it to our repertoire. Read More

Pumpkin on the brain!

We're a little nutty for pumpkin :) pumpkin spice bread has been on repeat for the last month as well as oven baked pumpkin seeds and savory pumpkin soups. So what's for breakfast? A pumpkin spice smoothie of course! Read More

Chestnut, Leek and Apple Stuffing

MMMMMmmmmm stuffing! Once you start making your own stuffing, you will never go back to a box! This recipe is so tasty with a fabulous combination of rye bread, apples, leeks and chestnuts that you will most likely make it any time of year. And, since you're looking for a great stuffing recipe to serve this Thanksgiving, why not give this one a go? Its meatless! Read More

Holiday Travel Healthy Eating

We’re quickly closing in on the holiday season, and for many of you, the holidays mean a whole bunch of travel. And as if getting through airport security wasn’t irritating enough, trying to find something healthy AND yummy to eat at the airport will definitely try your patience. So we decided to pass on some travel snacking tips to help you avoid arriving at the holiday celebrations hangry. Read More

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Its CHILLY out there! Warm up to flavors of the season with this EASY, veggie idea. You don't even need a recipe! Try it with our suggestions and then change it up the next time - so simple. The recipe below is from but we love to simply grab a mix of cooked grains from the bar at Whole Foods (barley, wild rice et.), their marinated button mushrooms, dried cranberries and scallion. Mix it up in a pan and add it to a roasted squash half! Read More

One-ingredient Magic Ice Cream (plus variations)!

Guys, its good-for-you ice cream! Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, no sugar added! Seriously - you simply put frozen bananas into your food processor or Vitamix and out comes ice cream. Many of us have heard of this before and just never tried making it, or we're totally blowing your mind right now and you don't quite believe its possible. Either way, lets all make this delicious and HEALTHY dessert this week. Run now and put your chopped over-ripe bananas into the freezer! Read More

Acorn Squash Tempura Tacos

LavaBarre loves Tacos :) Thank goodness a District Taco is popping up right across the street from us! But lets keep keep it healthy, kids. These Acorn Squash Tacos are ridiculously good with less guilt. So go ahead, 'Fall' for this squash recipe... Read More

Pumpkin Purée From Scratch + Recipe Ideas

Fall means pumpkin picking, decorating, carving and baking! Don't reach for a can of ready-made pumpkin purée without trying your hand at this easy and storable fresh alternative. Read More

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