Lava Barre

Kim Reid

Kim Reid instructs the following:
  • Barre
  • The discipline that put us on the map. Refine and strengthen with our ever-evolving athletic technique.

  • Core Express
  • A compliment to your VCycle and VBarre classes! Add this core-killing abs class to your weekly repertoire and feel the burn. Get ready for hard-corps full body exercises to whittle and shape your waistline. Add core and you'll be sore! Class is 30 minutes long.

  • Barre/TRX
  • This class consists of 30 minutes each of the signature LavaBarre technique and suspension training classes that will simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. Starting with barre class, you will use your own body weight, a selection of fun props, weights and the ballet barre to tone, and lengthen your body. We'll finish on the TRX suspension trainers using your body weight for a killer (and sweaty!) session. You will leave class knowing you got a full body workout!

  • Barre Burn
  • Get ready to feel the BURN in this 45 minute condensed barre class. We will get your heart rate up and keep it there through quick transitions and super sets in this fast paced fun class!

  • Barre HIIT
  • High intensity interval training is proven to burn fat fast! In this dynamic power hour you will train strong, train like an athlete and stoke your metabolism by performing exercises on and off the barre.

Lava Barre