Lava Barre

Vanessa Ligorria

VBarre Trainer

Vanessa grew up in both Guatemala City and Miami before moving to join her husband, Ivan, in Washington, DC in 2005. While finishing her degree in Industrial Psychology, she was introduced to the barre technique and immediately became a barre-addict. Vanessa found that the combination of pilates, strength training, ballet and stretching was a great complement to running and other cardio activities. Each class made her stronger, more flexible and increased her endurance.

Through her background in psychology and from personal experience, Vanessa learned about the connection between physical fitness and emotions. She truly believes exercise (and laughter) is one of the best forms of medicine and wants to share that through Lava Barre. Growing up with the sounds and rhythms of salsa music, and a saxophonist since she was very young, the love and joy of music is reflected in her music-driven and energetic class. Aside from her passion for barre, Vanessa loves spending time with her husband Ivan, and son Adrian. She enjoys cooking, a nice glass of vino, and traveling to visit her family in Guatemala as well as to discover new countries and learn from different cultures.

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#1 tip for a healthy LavaLife
Stay hydrated, drink lots of water!

Most favorite place in the entire world?
Antigua, Guatemala. 

Favorite body part to work out?
Glutes! I especially love to work glutes in pretzel during barre class. You can not cheat and you feel the burn immediately!