Fire up your hottest self

                        Innovative classes. Exceptional instruction. Complete fitness.

Sweat Your Way.


At LavaBarre you will find your favorite way to sweat. We offer a multi-discipline,
cross-training schedule in an intimate and luxurious boutique setting. Clients choose
from classes taught by leading instructors in their field, called VTrainers - the best in
DC's boutique studio fitness industry. VTrainers challenge and push clients to find
results in three studios: two offer Barre, Yoga, TRX and one boasts heart-pumping Cycle. The
LavaCorps, our clients, are at the center of our studio and our team offers unrivaled
customer service to maintain the highest quality standards.





LavaBarre's Luxurious
atmosphere rewards hard work.

We know that one of the most important parts of your rigorous workout routine
is caring for your body post-session. Our changing rooms are always stocked
with exclusive Red Flower NYC products including restorative shampoo,
conditioner, bodywash and moisturizer. Red Flower products are certified
organic, aromatheraputic, antioxidant-rich, made in the U.S.A and cruelty free.
We also offer sport-sized and bath-sized towels to our clients as well as our
legendary "Lava Lavender" scented towels after each barre and cycle class leaving you
feeling pampered and rejuvenated.